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Uninstall Avast Antivirus In Easy Steps

Keeping an Antivirus in Computer, Tablet & Phone is Important & Needed in this Cyber Age However It Should be Totally Your decision to Choose, Install Or Uninstall Any Antivirus Protection Software. 

Uninstalling avast antivirus can be brutally tiring sometimes because of multiple factors. This is a complete guide For Anyone Looking to uninstall avast antivirus from Windows & Mac computers. Let’s Begin – 

How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus ?

We understand & respect Your choice to Get rid of any software from the computer you However many users Would who uninstall avast antivirus have reasons such as – 

  • Avast installation failed 
  • Subscription is Expired or Switching to a different antivirus
  • Blocking Softwares Unwanted Avast Pop-Ups 
  • Switching to a different version of avast security 
  • Transferring the license to different computer 

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Now let’s Understand Why it’s complicated to Uninstall any Program, especially antivirus – 

The reason is Marketing & Plugins – Dear readers No Company on the planet wants to Lose a Paying client Or Potential Prospect so they design software in such a legit way to always leave leftover functions of Plugins of the software in some form or other.  In case of avast it avast Browser Security But this is a talk for Some Other Post Today we Only Focus On How to uninstall avast antivirus – 

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Avast antivirus has a self-defense mechanism that prevents it from getting uninstalled. When the Malware Or Virus attack happens Malicious Codes Or Virus Would try to uninstall the antivirus so it can hijack the computer & to do that it would have to fight the antivirus so the Virus Tried to remove avast antivirus security so they have added this self-defense feature. 

Now to remove Avast you must Disable this self-defense manually.

  • Open the Avast User Interface & click on the menu at the right-hand top of the box 
avast menu option
  • Under the menu click on  settings & go to General
avast settings
  • Click on Troubleshoot & uncheck the box that says Enable – self-defense
disable avast self defense
  • A Box may appear Asking you to confirm it Please click Ok to confirm 

Now once the self-defense is disabled go to the installed program list & uninstall the avast setup. Let Us Show You How to do it using Windows & mac computers.

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Uninstall avast from Windows Computer

  • Close the avast antivirus & stop any scans if there is any.
  • Click on the start menu at left & Search for control panel 
windows control panel
  • Open the control panel & go to Programs Or Programs & features Option 
uninstall avast antivirus from winodws
  • Locate the Avast Application & select it then Click on Uninstall 
  • Now a Avast Configuration Box Will Pop Up Giving You Multiple Choices 
  • Click on uninstall & confirm it by Yes 

Now this Configuration will run along & remove the avast Antivirus. When Prompted Please Restart the computer & Avast will be completely uninstalled from the system.

Note – If Your Windows computer is More than 5 Years Old then Please restart the computer in Safe Mode & perform the same steps.

For Mac Users – 

  • Open Activity Monitor from Applications/Utilities folder, Spotlight or finder.
  • Select the Process By the name of Avast & stop it from running then Quit it.

Note – Deleting Or Moving the Avast Security into the Trash Would not uninstall it So You Must follow the given steps- 

  • Now In your Applications folder, Please double-click the Avast icon to open the Avast User Interface.
  • Make sure the Avast Antivirus window is active, then click Avast in the menu bar on the top-left of the screen and select Uninstall Avast mac Security.
  • Click Uninstall 
  • If prompted, use your Touch ID or enter your Administrator password and click OK to grant permission for the uninstallation.
  • Click on Quit
  • Avast mac Security Should be removed from your Mac.

Using avastclear Removal Tool – 

To make the uninstallation easy for all its users Avast has Provided a Tool that can be easily deployed to remove Avast Antivirus. We Are Providing you Link to download the avast antivirus removal tool for Windows & Mac computer Both. Once downloaded Open the Application & run the Program. 

avast removal tool

Download avastclear from the official avast website 

Uninstall Avast With Uninstaller Tools – 

We have Noticed many people reporting Pop-ups & Failed installation of any other software because of the Previous Avast Version of avast antivirus. It could be because of leftover files of avast security Or Wrongful uninstallation. 

If It Gets Too Complicated & none of the methods works to uninstall the avast antivirus completely from Windows & mac computer Then its time you look out of the Box & download a third party removal tool – 

Download tools like Revo Uninstaller & register them for Free. 

Run a scan of the Programs & remove avast antivirus using the deep cleaning of the software. Remove all leftover files & Restart the computer to get rid of avast leftover files. 

After the removal, you Can keep or remove the Revo uninstaller by simply dragging the application into the trash & later emptying the trash. 

Do let us know if this Guide was helpful. Comment & let us know any new tricks, feedback, Or Suggestion that might improve this Guide to Help More people Further. 

Good luck 

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