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How to Stop Annoying McAfee Pop ups & ads?

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Today we’ll discuss Annoying McAfee Popup. We will explain How to stop unnecessary McAfee pop-ups from Devices.

Generally, some annoying McAfee popup hesitates when we open our McAfee Antivirus for scanning Devices.

There Are Two Different Position You May Have –

First You Have Macafee Antivirus But You Are Just tired Of Annoying pop-ups.

Second You Don’t Use Mcafee Anymore Or Maybe It’s  Been expired and no longer in your service And you are annoyed by pop-ups crumbling on your system.

In First Case, You Can Just Go Inside And Change The Notification Settings And You Can define How often You want to see the McAfee pop-ups. You Can Also set notification Level And STOP General Notification.

In Second Case Check out All these Options Which Will Help to Stop Mcafee Antivirus Popups.

Quick Steps To Stop Mcafee Popups –

  • Remove Any Extension Or Plugin From Your Browser Related to Mcafee.
  • Go to Your Start-up Programs Using Task manager and Disable Mcafee If You Are Not Using Mcafee Antivirus.

Why McAfee Pop-up hesitates sometimes?

When it comes to protection from Viruses and malware, McAfee turns out to be great software. But anything cannot be perfect in each aspect, one of the major downside of McAfee was, that it was used to generate significant amounts of pop-up while scanning and even when it used to run in the background.

You assume that you are doing some important work, getting late for some urgent meeting, and then you need to get some files from your Pen Drive, and as soon as you insert the pen drive, then an annoying McAfee popup of an ad comes in, which can waste your another 10 seconds.

Many times while working McAfee paid version also used to get a popup saying “Your Computer is at risk” popup which is irritating and might lead you to uninstall the McAfee Antivirus and at the end leaving your PC unprotected.

Another annoying McAfee Popup comes when your subscription is about to get over, and then you get a popup asking for you to purchase a new license. McAfee had always been everyone’s favorite antivirus as it was free and was available to all.

But all this comes at a cost, and as a cost, you had to view all these irritating pop-ups which might come on your way and interrupt you. here is the detailed Guide on How to stop mcafee pop up to help you understand it better.

How To Remove McAfee Promo, Offer Pop-up?

But still, we are going to get you some of the tips & tricks with which you can stop annoying McAfee pop-up.

Step-1: When you get Popup from McAfee while browsing websites

  1. First, we will have to check on whether Network Service Manager is working or not, in order to do the same we have to run a command in CMD: “ping <hostname>
  2. If by chance ping fails
    1. Add NSM’s hostname and IP’s to the internal DNS Server
    2. If we cannot change DNS Server files then we can also change the host file on windows which is located at c:\Windows\System 32\drivers\etc\hosts.
  3. Now follow the following steps to install the certificate as a trusted root Certification Authority.
    1. Open Web browser
    2. Click on view certificates on the address bar.

Step-2: Select the Certificates to install

  1. Press windows key + R button, and type certmgr.msc and enter
  2. Locate hostname in the list of certificated hosts
  3. Copy the certificate from there and paste inside the Trusted Root Certification Authorities section.
  4. Accept any display prompted.
Annoying McAfee Popup

Step-3: When you get McAfee pop up every now and then about “Blocked programs” and “Computer is at risk”

Annoying McAfee Popup
  1. First close the popup you got recently
  2. Open McAfee program
  3. Click on Settings and go to “General Settings and Alerts”
general settings and alerts
  1. Expand the Information Alert tab
  2. Uncheck all the type of Popup you don’t need in future and click on apply.

How to stop every annoying McAfee popup you get from McAfee

The last way to get rid of this method is to uninstall the software, because there is no actual fix to disable these popups because the software is made to behave the same way, maybe in future updates i.e. after 2017 we can get a product from McAfee wherein there are no popup but as of now there is no such update, and we will have to choose b/w one, Annoying McAfee popup or System Security, We leave this choice to you.

Also, Read- Quick Troubleshooting for McAfee Antivirus!

These were some of the tips to save your computer screen from those McAfee pop-ups which actually can take most of your time while using your PC. Hope you liked these Tips and you got help from these tips and tricks.

Please Comment Below And Let Us Know If You Need any other help to Stop Annoying McAfee Popup.

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