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How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Not Working?


most of us use internet for shopping, social networking, entertainment and work for hours. with increasing traffic on internet it has surely attracted cyber crooks and bad viruses. mcafee is one of the leading antivirus software’s keeping you protecting against virus, malware, spyware and junks. when your mcafee antivirus not working or won’t open it leaves your system unprotected.

Today in this post we will help you fix McAfee won’t open or McAfee not working problem so please read the post till last to find the accurate Solution for your copy of antivirus protection. McAfee Antivirus is Designed And Built to Keep Windows, Mac(Apple), ios, Android Devices Safe And Secure.

Why McAfee Won’t Open Or Work?

Now many issues could have impact on your antivirus software but Focus on underlying or recent event with the device because most likely cause of your McAfee not working. Problems such as –

  • McAfee antivirus subscription
  • Operating system change
  • Recent Firewall change
  • Outdated McAfee Antivirus Software
  • incorrect installation/Setup
  • Computer/System Problem

Now any of these Issues could force your McAfee antivirus not working and leave your system unprotected. in our last post we already covered McAfee slowing down computer problem However this is an different issue that requires a bit more troubleshooting.

mcafee vs malware

Lets Start with basic troubleshooting to try for a quick fix.

Fix McAfee not working

Restart your Computer/device on which you having an issues and give it minute before you turn it on again. Start the devices again and see if the restart was helpful and McAfee is working.

Lets Try further tips and Tricks to fix the issues with McAfee.

antivirus subscription

first thing when your McAfee is not working is to check whether your copy of McAfee antivirus is licensed or Not. Login to you McAfee account and check your product. use the same email to login that you used at the time of McAfee activation While installing McAfee antivirus. Please make sure you have an active McAfee antivirus Subscription.

Recent System change

Another cause of such problem occurring is when we make some changes in some of the files of Windows, most likely after installing some Windows update.

Most of the time when we refresh the system, some of the primary data required for McAfee to work properly gets deleted hence resulting into McAfee Antivirus not working.

When this type of scenario occurs, you simply have to either move back to the previous time, hence do System Restore to the last occasion when the McAfee Antivirus was working.

Firewall Conflict

Not on purpose but it is possible that any number of software especially security software can cause issues and disable McAfee antivirus protection. understand precautions before installing any antivirus software and Please uninstall any other antivirus and security software that conflicts with McAfee.

Conflict/Corrupted McAfee Antivirus

uninstall McAfee antivirus software using the McAfee removal tool or any other software so that you don’t have any leftover files to cause corruption. Once uninstalled Please log in to your McAfee account and download the Product and setup McAfee antivirus .

Update Mcafee Antivirus

Most of the time is reported that an outdated version of McAfee protection may cause your McAfee antivirus fail to open Or be Non-responsive. After troubleshooting Download the updated version of McAfee antivirus or update it from the program.

restore system to previous time

Avoid Piracy

 Sometimes it might occur when you are trying to install Pirated software which leads to some problems. Because most of the time when we install pirated software the keygen or cracker do some changes in the Registry of the system.

Then deletes the files which were stored just before the edit from the %temp% folder which even removes the backup of the Registry with which system can restore the corrupted part of the file, but as it was also removed, this leads to the McAfee virus to not work due to some registry change.

currupt documentory

Hence to stay protected from this, we must not use any pirated software and even doesn’t install some 3rd party fixes, i.e. install the fixes available and verified by Microsoft.

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These were some of the reasons which we discussed which McAfee Antivirus might stop working, so keep a note of these and see if all this Information Help you to Solve Your Antivirus Problem.

Some of the Helpful resources are –

Please Comment Below If Your problem has been resolved. you can personalize McAfee settings as per you choice and can block mcafee pop up and ads to give you unwanted notifications.

🙂 We Thank You For Reading Till Last. Stay Tuned For More Antivirus And Security Related Updates.

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