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Kaspersky Antivirus Reviews, Performance, Cost And Service

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As We Know That Kaspersky Lab is a Russian multinational cybersecurity firm  This Cybersecurity Firm Has its headquarters in Moscow, Russia and operated by a holding company in the United Kingdom.

Let’s Just Be Honest And Cruel At the same Time Because in Our Eyes 30 % Antivirus Manufactures Are Just Fraud. Looting Consumer Money And Sneaking In Their Privacy. We Can Say this Because if They Can Claim Total Protection Against all Threats

Kaspersky Lab Is Russia Based Cyber Security And Since We All Know The Russian Reputation On Other People Privacy, Kaspersky Was An Exception In the Beginning. They Really Did  Fair And Well.

When they First Launched this Product Everybody Loved It And It Was Great Protection For Home And Business users To Protect Their Device Against Cyber Threats.

Trust Us Kaspersky Never Lost its Charm When it comes to Cybersecurity. Its Just We Don’t Like Their business tactics. We, Will, Go to that But First We Must Know Good Things About Them

Let’s Just Have a look On Few Basic Things Based On Our Own Research-

1. Kaspersky Performance And Privacy Protection-

Kaspersky Has Mainly Three Products(Kaspersky Anti-virus, Kaspersky internet security, Kaspersky total Protection) for Home users. These Products Seem to Have Good Updates And Protection Against Most of Virus, Trojans, spyware And suspicious files. We Give extra points on their Updates And Instant Detection of any threat.

Real-time Protection And Easy to Use Interface. Installation is Easy And Safe To Perform. Although Lack few Features In Their Product  And Kaspersky seems to Cause Slowdown to Computer. Kaspersky Feed on computer resources bit Extra That Can Cause Computer Freezing And Lagging Sometimes.

Kaspersky Does Give you comfort With its safe banking And the Anti-phishing tool.  When it Comes to Stop Phishing And Malware Site Detection and Reporting Kaspersky is the king.

Sometimes Kaspersky Gets Overprotective And Block Useful Websites And downloads That’s Why Their is a Gamer Mode. In Gamer Mode, You Can Turn off The Protection And Go to The Website If You Trust the Site.kaspersky reviews and performance

You Can Store Your Password In Kaspersky So No Other Program Not Even Your Browser Or Keylogger Will have access to your Sensitive Information  And Prevent Keyloggers. Although You Don’t Get the Password Manager in the Basic Version of Kaspersky.

With Kaspersky, You Get A Virtual(On Screen )  Keyboard While Type Sensitive passwords Or Information.


2. Kaspersky Cost & Customer Service-

If We would have to Compare the Antivirus With Other Top most Antivirus Than Kaspersky Price is Average But Worth it. They have their Chat Support, Mail Customer support, and Phone Support. Customer Representatives Seems to Be Polite And Helpful However They Sound like a salesman Few times.


3. Kaspersky Bad Business Tactics-

Their Are time When We see Antivirus Firm Start Playing dictator And Use their Hidden Policies. Sometimes Few Firms Monitor User Activity And Try to Influence there Search Results Using the Safe Browser Plugin extension. We Find Kaspersky Business Tactics Bit Bad And suspicious.

Which is Based on BBB Reviews  Learn More- BBB Business Profile | Kaspersky Lab, Inc. | Reviews and Complaints

Today After  Testing We Find it Very Difficult to Remove Kaspersky From Our Computer Along with Its Leftover files. This Was One More Thing That We Do Not See Fit For Software Gaint  Like Kaspersky Lab.Kaspersky Antivirus Reviews

Kaspersky Hypocrite Behaviour Was Well Described Here Where They Give No Proper Links to download the removal tool, Although They have All Kinds of Download Links removal tool to Uninstall other Antivirus And Cleaner.

This Was a Great  Example Hippocratic Behaviour Of Kaspersky Antivirus and made us to Write the Post About

We, Will, Be Happy to remove Our Comments If Kaspersky Will Do Good to Users. We May Not Know Much About Antivirus Coding But Yes We Know Everything About Pain of Normal User. So Beware we are watching.

Learn More- How To Uninstall And Totally Remove Kaspersky Antivirus?

U.s Government Also Seems to be suspicious About their Product since it a Russian Firm.


4. Overall Kaspersky Antivirus Reviews-

We would Like to Give 5 Out of 10 to Kaspersky Antivirus Products. However, Privacy And Reliability is the part that still leaves Us Suspicious About the Product. Protection is Great, Performance is Fine, Cost is Average.

This Post was Only About Kaspersky Antivirus Reviews And This Will Be Subject To change based On User Review And  Response.

We will Be Giving Review About All Antivirus Products Time to Time. Stay Tuned And Comment Below if you have any question in mind.

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