How to stop piracy

How to stop movie Piracy?

The image of violent pirates, such as navigators who terrorized the oceans and coasts with dishonest actions, has given way to another type of piracy. Currently, browsing the Internet there are pirates of content, who take without authorization what belongs to others.

About Piracy –

According to experts, content pirates are netizens who download videos, music, podcast, ebook, software, games, etc. without paying for it. However, content pirates are willing to pay for downloads but pirate them because they don’t have legal sites to buy them.
The daily losses caused by content pirates are huge. It is estimated that a pirated movie before its release, loses a considerable percentage in its profit margins.

With the rise of the digital era, creative expression has reached a high point, which invites reflection. Will a writer, a singer, and investors in a film studio have the same income for their work at this time?
The answer is negative and this is due to the advancement of technology that has put content pirates ahead. Although it is difficult to believe, it is considered that the companies that own the content are a bit guilty of piracy. For example, the film industry lacks an efficient and innovative infrastructure to monetize its products online.

In addition, they have not innovated regarding the restriction of access to content, depending on the geographical location of the consumer. Thus we have a famous series based on the books of George Martin, which is the most pirated show in history. However, since its inception the television channel that broadcasts it, it received offers to purchase the rights of the series to broadcast it on the Internet. But the channel refused to sell.

In this way the followers of the series turn to illegal sites on the Internet, to access the chapters of the series. Because they live in places where the television channel signal does not arrive. While it is not about excusing behavior outside the law, no market is immune to the effects of the lawsuit.

On the other hand, the consideration that film and video producing companies treat their contents as a product rather than an experience. In other words, they continue to cling to the distribution model through digital copies, instead of the payment to be seen. That today is more advantageous and sensible compared to the obsolescence announced in the old way.

Despite the daily millionaire losses caused by content pirates, legislative measures worldwide are not enough to combat piracy. there are websites to watch movies online

However, the federation of intellectual property protection and the alliance of creators and content industries unite against piracy. Also, the Ministry of Education of Spain was incorporated and they have revealed the 2017 Piracy Observatory report. In it, data related to the piracy of videos, movies, music, books, games, software and movies are collected.

Here some considerations according to the study that highlights the consumption of digital content:

There was a 12% decrease in illegal movie access.With respect to music downloading, it decreased by 10.1%.

In the case of book and video game downloads, the line increased by 12%.
Associations to combat content pirates have pointed out that the strategies for making pirated copies and distributing them are very fast. In comparison with the adequacy of the legal framework that penalizes these actions.
Taking into account that there was a decrease in some lines of content, forceful actions must be taken to avoid piracy. These steps range from judicial measures to the blocking of domains where these illegal practices are encouraged.

Risks of download illegal content

risk of illegal content

There are many risks that netizens run when downloading illegal content from their computers. For example, computer software is automatically updated when they are legal, but pirated versions are not updated. Some of the Websites Like Movirulz Or Tamilrockers provides illegal copy of Movies.

When the cybernaut uses unauthorized downloads, dangerous viruses and malware can be downloaded from insecure websites. These undesirable programs damage data, equipment and can give access to hackers, for the theft of valuable information.

Depending on the country where the download is made, the content pirate is exposed to receiving judicial convictions such as fines and imprisonment. For example, in the United States with the Anti-Piracy Law, the offender can receive up to 5 years in prison for downloading protected content.

How to avoid content piracy?

Below are preventive measures that companies can apply to prevent their employees from being content pirates. In addition, organizations can contribute to the fight against piracy, which in Latin America receives 2.5 billion annual visits to pirate pages.

Licensed Software

licensed software

All software used in the organization must be purchased and installed under license. This allows better operation of the programs, protection against malware, updates, and lawsuits are avoided, for illegal use of pirated software.

Do not advertise on pirated websites

Entrepreneurs should avoid placing their advertisements on sites that promote content piracy. These pages receive income thanks to advertisements, which allows them to consolidate to encourage theft of intellectual property.

Business and government alliances

The establishment of coalitions to combat content pirates is a good strategy in regions such as Latin America. Governments and companies must join forces so that income derived from intellectual property is not harmed.

Development and improvement of anti-pirate content technology resources

The imagination of content pirates is impressive, which is why organizations must develop more effective technological resources. In addition, dissemination campaigns on the risk of not establishing protection resources against piracy should be implemented.

Cybersecurity must be a premise in companies that wish to protect themselves from all risks that threaten the resources of the organization.

Finally, all netizens in the world deserve to have legal access to all the available variety of audiovisual content. Likewise, these contents must have the appropriate protection. In addition, governments must create effective legal mechanisms that punish those who violate intellectual property rules.

In addition, organizations, especially those in the entertainment world must be aware that the digital society is here to stay. Likewise, work so that your companies allow users to access solutions such as payments to view and subscriptions at reasonable prices.

Undoubtedly, these and other actions will help reduce content piracy and ensure the enjoyment of income from intellectual property.

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