canon Printer Antivirus issue

Fix Canon Printer Antivirus Related Problems.

Antivirus contains different types of applications like anti-spyware, anti-virus, child protection and many more to block threats from outside your Network. But sometime it blocks the connection between two devices. That’s why this topic is up and mainly focus on Canon printer. 

This problem arises when your canon printer is blocked by Firewall. 

Common Antivirus Issues With Canon Printer 

  • Printer Stop Printing.
  • Unable to install printer software.
  • Printer shows offline status.
  • while installing printer software, Printer cannot be found on the network. 
  • Canon Software shows printer is disconnected even it is connected to network. Always download the correct Canon Driver for installation From

Check problem is caused by Antivirus or not

  • Just disable your antivirus and resume the printing operation.
  • If everything works without the problem then continue reading .
  • If not then it might be other thing.
antivirus Blocking Printer

Basic Things you should know:-

  • Do not use more than one firewall / antivirus software at the same time on your computer.
  • Keep the security software up to date.
  • If you have changed any firewall settings then you need to go back to the default setting.

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General Fix:-

Restart the computer and the printer. If the problem still exist then follow the troubleshooting methods.

Troubleshooting Tips:- Every Antivirus comes up a option to temporarily disable the antivirus the antivirus software so if you are in urgent need just disable the antivirus for 1 hour & get the job done. to perform a permanent solution contact antivirus Or Canon to help you provide the custom help you need. lets checkout some of the option that can also help in troubleshooting

Allow Print & firewall sharing

(a) From Desktop Click On Start button.
(b) Select Control Panel.
(c) Search for Network and Internet Connection.
(d) Click Window Firewall.
(e) A dialog box will appear in that click on Exceptions.

(f) Select File and Printing Sharing check box and click OK.

  1. Restart the printer spooler .
    (a) Click on start button and type services.
    (b) Inside services(local) look for the print spooler.
    (c) Right Click on Printer Spooler and choose restart button.
  2. Modify Firewall Interface.
    (a) open Firewall Interface.
    (b) Select advance Option.
    (c) Search for application Blocking row.
    (d) Now add application and set the executable file for your printer.
    (e) Complete the other things by using on-screen instructions.
    (f) After that apply settings and save.
    (g) Reboot your system.

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