things to do before installing antivirus

Things To Do Before Installing Any Antivirus Security

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Friends, Most of the Common Antivirus Problems Take Birth On Very Same Day When You Install Antivirus Protection to Protect Your Computer.

Let us Be Clear On This Wrongful installation Of Any Antivirus software Will Always Cause Troubles Like System Freeze, Security vulnerability, Slow Performance, system Malfunction, etc.

Case Study –

  • We Have Observed That When You Buy a computer most of the time It comes with Preloaded Antivirus.  Most of the People Don’t Know How to Remove Antivirus Program And Their Leftover Files
  • Most of the People Keep Downloading  Multiple Antivirus Software One After One On Trial Basis.
  • Huge Amount of Population all Over the World Still  Relay On Pirated and Cracked Version of Antivirus Software.
  •  People Tend Not to Adjust Firewall Settings After Installing Antivirus That May Cause Some of the Application to Misbehave  And Freezing.
  • Common Mistake – While un-Installing Antivirus Most of the Antivirus User Depend On Default Feature Of Windows Program And Features. 

There Are Countless things Like this  We Can Not Count All  But Let us Move towards Clean Installation of Your Antivirus Product –

What To Do Before Installing Antivirus-

Folks here is a few Easy Steps That One Must Follow  Before setting up Your Antivirus.

Friends Keep In Mind Before You Start Doing All These Steps Please Make Sure You Make a Restore Point Or Turn On System Protection By Windows. Try Keeping Backup of your Date Because Safety Comes First.

  1. Remove Any Other Antivirus Program or The Older Version Of Same Antivirus Before Installing the   Different  Antivirus
  2. In Order to Remove The Antivirus Program Please Use the Removal Tool Given By Product Manufacturers For Example –
  3.  For Mcafee – McAfee Removal Instruction  For Norton  – Norton Removal Tool Instruction
mcafee and norton removal tool

For Avast Removal –  Avast Removal tool Guide    Like This Most of the Branded Antivirus Manufacturers Offer their Removal Tool Just Download And Run The Removal Tool For Complete Un-installation of Your Old Antivirus Program. This Will Remove all leftover files From Your Old Antivirus

if you are not gonna use any antivirus other than Norton then cancel Norton subscription and get a refund for the remaining subscription.

4- Restart Your Device And Make Sure You Have Removed Old antivirus before installing antivirus. Now Please Disable Windows Defender From Startup Programs Via Going to Task manager And Restart Your Computer One More Time.

turnoff windows defender

5- Now Install Your Antivirus Protection And Update The Latest Version of that Software.

We Hope this May Help You Perform a clean And Successful Installation. Please Comment Below and let us know if you need any other help Related to Antivirus.

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