pc slowdown after installing mcafee

After Installing McAfee Antivirus computer is slow?

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Many People Have Reportedly Said That Their computers and Other devices Got Slow After installing Any Particular Antivirus Or Security Suite.

Today We will Learn About McAfee anti-virus Slowing down your Computer.

Before We Explain Why System is Slow after installing Antivirus Protection we would like to Give you Some Basic Tips.

You Can Use The Same Steps to Troubleshoot Almost Every Antivirus –

Basic Troubleshooting To Fix The Slowdown –

  • Make Sure Installation Was done Properly And the Product Is Genuine.
  • Restart Your Computer And Update Your Antivirus Protection
  • Uninstall any other Competitive Software Like Antivirus, Cleaner Or Pirated Software.
  • Reboot Your System Again See if This Helps.

Let’s Get To Know More About this Problem And Try to Solve the Issue With Simple And Quick Steps.

Why After Installing McAfee Antivirus computer is slow

If you are a Windows Or Mac User, then you must know about McAfee Antivirus, which had been one of the most popular Antivirus software in the past. But as we know each thing comes at a cost, and McAfee also does.

McAfee most of the time makes your PC to stutter and lag as it most of the time it uses most of the resources which makes the windows to think and which takes time, and at the end, the PC starts to slow up the things.

Installing an Antivirus is also important as most of the time it saves the PC from most of the viruses and malware while using the Internet or by plugging in a pen drive, which was connected to an infected PC earlier. Many people just after Installing McAfee have experienced that their computer became slow.

So today we are giving you some of the tips with which you can make your PC a bit faster and will help you keep your protected at the same time.

So at first let us see what actually does McAfee does that your PC becomes slow, McAfee actually continuously protects the C drive and hence checks each and every file which is sent in the temporary folder, checks each and every file which tries to access the registry or any driver files, etc.

Now that they don’t get corrupted and hence it makes the processor of the PC in the same, hence indeed leaving fewer resources to run the PC. Hence the computer starts to hang.

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Step 1- Change settings from Constant Protection to Constant Surveillance-

  1. Open McAfee program
  2. Expand the Navigation panel
  3. Change the option in the Protection tab, from Constant Protection to Constant Surveillance.

This actually makes the program to just keep surveillance, but when we navigate to some un-trusted websites we must enable full McAfee protection so we are protected.

And even we must actually manually perform scans when we insert any new drive in the pc, which means we have to be extra conscious when using McAfee in Constant Surveillance mode.

Step 2- Prevent McAfee from eating up system resources-

Prevent McAfee from eating up system resources

  1. Press Windows Key and R button to open up the Run Command
  1. Type “msconfig” in the search bar.
  1. Navigate to Startup tab
system config
  1. Uncheck the boxes which are associated with the McAfee manufacturer listed next to the item.

Step 3 – Disable Unnecessary Mcafee Scans –

You can actually disable continuous scans which McAfee provides and indeed explicitly perform a scan every day in the end, this can actually prevent it from interfering with our work, and we can continue our work without PC going slow and lagging again and again.

These are some of the tips which you can perform on your PC and thereby make your PC a bit faster at the end of the day; hope these tips helped you to do the same.

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